Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot-hot-hot!!! Long but productive day yesterday. Picked up Scotch's owner Nicole yesterday ( will do today as well ) so that she could be at the barn for the day while her mom was at work. She helped out at the barn, and got to ride her horse too. ( he did well for her, so we are very pleased.) Went to do teeth for a client in the late morning, took Nicole along as I was picking up a lovely Paso Fino gelding from them as well, and Nicole wants to practice loading horses. Desi, the Paso gelding, is a wonderful trail horse that is now at RO-NO to be sold. Jenna took a few pictures of him yesterday, I'll post one on here as soon as I get it. Julie rode him for me to try him out, and she wouldn't get off of him! Guess he is one of her new favorites.I think he will be a favorite for everyone as he is a sweet little thing, well gaited and responsive. His owners need to downsize thus he is for sale. I owned him years ago, had him gelded and broke him to ride and he is just a great guy.
Took Chuck along to Honesdale when I went for feed. We hit Home Depot for more side wall and stuff, as work is progressing well on Grams house. Hope to have it ready to rent out by August.
Rob finished baling at Maribelles yesterday afternoon, and Robbie and I ended up unloading the wagon. It wasn't overly full, so it didn't kill us, but boy were we feeling the heat! Julie and Erin got tons of horses worked, and I fit a few in as well, so heat and all, we got it all done!


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