Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still no foal. When i checked on her at 5 this morning, the sides of her tail head are all sunk in, her tail is very loose and she really looks miserable. Wont be long!

Hot day today, the weatherman says it may be in the low 90's, good for drying hay! Maribelles barn should be filled up pretty good by days end.

We had a brief bit of excitement at the barn yesterday afternoon. Kerry's Mom had come to pick her up, and while she was waiting Kerry's Pit Bull ( a very sweet, playful dog) accidentally got out of the car and ran at Herman the goat, who was tethered nearby. Herman freaked ( Madison just wanted to play- but Herman did not know that) he ran, ended up breaking his tether and bolted for the barn isle, where Itty Bit was cross tied. I hollered for the girls to dismount ( Jenna and Julie were riding Starfire and Bristol in the arena- I really didn't want them up on those green mares when a goat and dog ran into the arena!) Itty was great- he stayed in the ties as goat and dog ran under him, and off they went into the arena! Fortunately the girls had heard me yell and were off their mounts before the goat and dog lapped the arena. Kerry and I were running after the dog and goat show, as did Julie who had handed Bristol off to Pam. Herman ended up taking care of the problem. He apparently got tired of being chased, remembered that he had a pretty impressive set of horns, stopped and turned and rammed the dog. Poor Madison was a bit shocked, after all this was just a game right, no need to get violent. She turned tail and ran, right back into the arena and right up to me. Poor dog was shaking, goat was panting and by then we were all laughing ( except for Kerry- she was a bit mad at her Mom for letting the dog out)

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