Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally home! It's been a long trip, lots of hot weather. We left my sisters on Tuesday afternoon to head to western Illinois. Stayed over and got up super early to go load up the three Pasos. We were on the road then, headed for Indiana. The weather was with us, 70's and drizzling, so the horses stayed comfortable. (I really dreaded the idea of trailering three horses in 100 degree weather!) Worked on about 10 horses in Indiana and then continued on toe central Ohio where we had stalls waiting. (Brecksville Stables is a great place to stay if any of you need a layover in central Ohio right off of 81!!) We got the horses unloaded and set for the night, and then headed back out as I had several barns to stop and work at. Didn't get done until 11! Hunter was an angel, that was a really long day for him. Since I knew that the horses were well tended to, ( again- kudo's to Brecksville Stables) and I knew we only had 7 hours driving to get home, I let us sleep in! Going for 19 hours the day before made for a long, long day. We got back to the Ranch at about 4:30 today. The girls had the stalls all set for us, and the horses gladly settled in. These are some very well bred horses, ones that I will enjoy working with and selling. With bloodlines including Prometido, 222, Plebeyo and such, it will be enjoyable to work with them.
I will have to hit the road again tomorrow! There is a CMSA match close by this weekend, and Friday nights practice rounds seem to make the most sense to attend, so it's on the road again. Sigh...I can't wait for Sunday, it will be my first day off in weeks!

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