Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few more hours of calm before Irene hits PA. We'll probably spend too many hours playing today, and not enough prepping things for the storm, but we hate to not go to Aberdeen to support Over the Hill Farm. So, today I'll feel a bit more like the grasshopper and less like an ant. Since this will be an exception and not the norm, I'll try to not feel guilty about it. :)
We are taking four Pasos and one Quarter Horse to the gaming part of the Aberdeen show. A slightly nervous Julie left a little while ago with Mambo in tow, headed out to the earlier English classes. This is the first time that she has taken off on her own to a horse show. Go Julie! We will meet up with her near noon time, with Pastor, Tappy, JQ, Cardillo and Scotch.
Once we return to RO-NO however, the fun and games end. We'll be getting horses in, setting out some sandbags, putting away anything that could blow away, latching all the barn doors and so on. I'm really hoping that it wont be too bad, and that it leaves as quickly as they say it will

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