Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank you, thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser event for Over the Hill Farm. We had a fantastic turnout for the Extreme Cowboy Race. 17 riders and over 50 spectators joined us in our effort to raise money and collect donated items. All in all, we were able to collect over $500 and the amount of donated items more than fill the back of my pick up truck! Rachel brought T-Shirts and bracelets and sold all that she had. Everyone was so very generous, so again, thank you for your help and support. It has been wonderful to see how our Equine Community has come together to help fellow horse owners in their time of need.
Our indoor obstacles ranged from pushing a 3' soccer ball through a chute, going through a water obstacle, a teeter-totter, a bridge ( sounding board ), an archway hung with ribbons and more. Outdoors riders had to ride through an upright round bale feeder, go through two creeks, over logs and through an archway with pool noodles sticking out of it. Everyone had a great time and we had fantastic food. All in all it was a great big barn party. ( we should have some good pictures soon).
I have horse dentistry to do near New Milford tomorrow, so I hope to stop by at Over the Hill Farm in the morning to drop off the items that are here still.
Next Sunday brings another mounted shooting competition. This one is on Long Island. We'll bring Calif again, as he seems to be a good influence on Cardillo. After that we will have one last month to have the horses ready to go to Nationals.

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