Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here's just a few photos from our fun evening on Sat. Jim, Pam and Erin are displaying some of the 'Extreme' part of the evening!! Thanks again to everyone for such a great day! ( We're still eating Erin's cupcakes!)
Monday was spent on the road for me, working on horses ( and mules ) teeth all over the Montrose, New Milford areas. Came home whooped and was very glad that there were plenty of leftovers. We had tons of help here yesterday, started getting things put back together here. I'd moved all of our trailers up to Maribelle's to make room here, so with Kerry's help we have them back in our own barnyard. The girls got all the garbage cleaned out of here on Sunday, so things are pretty ship shape now. I'm actually here all day today, a rare thing anymore. Rose plans on being around tomorrow to school, only 5 weeks till we are on the road to Memphis!

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