Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good, long day. Robbie had an early orthodontist appointment, so we hit the road, got that done, then got a haircut for Robbie, glasses picked out and ordered for both Robbie and myself, some grocery shopping done, new chainsaw blade for my chainsaw, some other odds and ends of shopping done, and we were back at the farm by noon. Rose was here with Madison and Brooke, both girls got to ride, and Rose got in good rides on both Pastor, JQ and Azura. Robbie schooled someone for me, and ended up hitting the dirt! An uncommon occurrence to be sure. I got several good training rides in, Tappy, Jose and Scotch were at the top of their game! And then....
I was made very proud by my two studs. It was getting late and I really wanted to get both Calif and Cardillo schooled, at least get them some good exercise. So... I decided to work them both at the same time. Got them both tacked up, left a halter on under Calif's bridle with chain attached, and left him in the cross ties. Took Cardillo into the arena and warmed him up a little, then rode into the barn and popped Calif out of the cross ties while still mounted on Cardillo. Un-looped the lead from the saddle and ponied Calif into the arena. It took a bit for Calif to catch on that I needed him to follow/keep up with Cardillo. I think at first he was a bit leery of being asked to keep so close to another horse when in the past this has always pretty much been taboo. After a bit though he was following quite well, good enough that we could gait and canter!! I was so pleased with both of them, especially Cardillo- he never hesitated- he was great. Not studdy- not annoyed that Calif was right at his side, he just worked. I was so very pleased. We even grabbed the flag from Jim and carried it around the arena, neither of them minded at all. Then went up to the pedestal, which both will step up onto, and I managed to get both of them up side by side on the pedestal, twice! We also went side by side down the board. It is so nice to have such good boys!

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