Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm so thankful that we never lost power here with Irene. I was on facebook earlier, read a lot of posts from folks who do not have power. ( Thank goodness for cell phones and car chargers!) It's hard enough dealing with ab house with no power, add to that a barnful of horses really makes it a challenge. Hope everyone gets power back soon.
Our day trip to Rose's yesterday with Tappy, Pastor and JQ went smoothly. They loaded right up, Rose had stalls waiting, we schooled and then headed home. Next week it will be a trip to Malibu Dude Ranch, and I'll be able to get some mounted shooting practice in on Cardillo. They are talking about having some evening practices this fall, I'm all for it.
Today I hit the road for New Milford. Have horse dentistry to do there, then back home to try to get some hay moved. Robbie starts High School today!!!

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