Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow, time is flying by! I still don't totally feel like I'm 'home' as it seems every day I'm off and running on one errand or another. But, all is well at RO-NO, we're keeping busy and are looking forward to this weekends event.
Took Nicole M and Scotch to their 4-H County show on Saturday. They did well, and we now know just what we need to work on to be ready for Districts! Unfortunately, I wont be here for that show, as it falls on the same day as my next mounted shooting event. But, we'll have her all ready to go and she will do well.
Took Robbie and Hunter fishing yesterday morning. Had a blast, Hunter got to reel in a number of blue gills and sunny's, and we brought them home to release into our pond. Robbie found a couple of snakes as well, but seeing as we both thought they were water moccasins we left them their space. Came home from fishing to find Jim out in the outdoor riding arena weed whacking, so I grabbed my gloves and went to work clearing brush and branches, we'll hopefully have it better then ever back there soon. Went to work then on my landscaping at the house. I'd picked up a load of mulch last week, and yesterday ( with Robbies help) I got my entire project completed ( for now) Everything is mulched, and I think it looks great. It felt great to get that job completed.
Today I'm off this morning to do teeth at Happy Trails in Mt. Pocono, from there I will go pick up feed and then head for home to work some horses. We've plenty to do here, day to day work of chores and training, and ad to that getting the place prepped for Saturdays Extreme Cowboy Race, gonna be a fun week!

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