Monday, August 22, 2011's been busy here. We've all been working hard and playing hard too. :) Nicole M has been riding away on her Scotch, and she did very well at 4-H Districts yesterday, placing well in 3 of her 4 classes. Erin took three days off to head out for some R & R with her boyfriend, Amy did the same, Rose has been working, riding here, coordinating horse soccer games at home and so on. Rachel has been riding her horse Yorkie, Jenna is enjoying the freedom of having her licence, Pam has been here riding, Forrest, Jim and Shanna and Alaina, everyone has been able to come enjoy the good weather we've had. Julie's been keeping busy giving lessons and working horses, Kerry has been enjoying her driving freedom as well-
The township has been working on our bridges, so we never know what road will be open and what one will be closed. We'll see how things go with that this week. Keep this in mind when coming out here. The workers couldn't let me know just when they would be out again to work, so just watch for the road signs ( if they put them out- apparently that was not mandatory last week!)
Spent the day on Long Island yesterday. Took Cardillo and Calif. For once, Cardillo outshined his older brother. Calif was good, but seemed to get a bit fed up with the shooting and didn't always run as straight as he could have ( but his rider handled it very well and she shot great!) Cardillo really came on, getting better and better throughout the day. We had 5 runs, and ended up second in our division! Then the highlight of the day for me, the Cowboy Challenge. This was a timed shooting and obstacle event, kind of a combination Mounted Shooting and Extreme Cowboy Race. Cardillo rocked!!! He was super settled for the two shooting runs, and he flew thru the obstacles, never even hesitating at obstacles other horses wouldn't even attempt. He was great. Our end time was about 1/2 half of what the second place riders was, and there were 10 entries in the Challenge. It was a great end to a very fun and challenging day. I'll post pics when I get some.

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