Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Grief, 4 months until Christmas!!
Spent the last two days on the road alot, doing teeth up in New York and in Equinunk. Enjoying the weather before the hurricane brings rain our way. Rob has spent this week finishing up the haying at the neighbors farm. We got it all in yesterday, 6 wagons or so of gorgeous hay. Glad to have that done. Now we just need another nice stretch of weather so that we can tackle our own second cutting. I'd love it if we could fill the left side of the loft with sweet second cutting, we use that to keep the stallions happy all winter.
Today I get to stay home ( at least that is the plan right now) We had the farrier here all day on Monday, I managed to bring home a load of sawdust on Tuesday, so hopefully today I'll stay here and get some extra horses worked.Nicole schooled Pastor and Tappy yesterday, I did get to work JQ on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and will get to him and Cardillo today. I've a few trips planned over the next couple weeks to get the horses that we are taking to Nationals out to different rings to school.
We are hoping to take about 7 horses to the Over The Hill Benefit Show at Aberdeen on Saturday- let's hope it doesn't rain!

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