Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have had a couple of productive days here. Friday was a work as usual day with Erin. We mucked and shuffled horses and so on, getting a few worked here and there. Forrest was out and ended up having a great time with Jess, even driving her around our outdoor arena for a few laps. We were very pleased. Pam rode with us, Sneak is a good girl and doesn't at all mind the cart. Robbie and I got in some Christmas shopping that evening with the new neighbor, and Hunter stayed the night with his new friends, with plans to go have breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning.
Saturday I got an early start, up again to cook breakfast for the hunters. All in all the group got four dear, two doe, two buck. Our freezers are happy. Barb and Conni came from NJ for their lessons, and Michelle got her lesson in the afternoon from Julie. The boys had a 2:30 appointment at the photographers in Lake Ariel to have pics taken with their Pop-Pop, and from there I stayed in the house when I got back to work on the driving article that I have to have in soon to the Paso Horse World Magazine. When my eyes got tired of writing I worked on Christmas presents. Plenty of activity went on down at the barn, Nicole got in some riding time, Amy went trail riding with Erin ( she rode Al- he has been an absolute awesome youngster- gaits like nobodys business and is bold- loves to go out) Rhonda came and rode too, so it was a good day.
This morning Rob, Jim and I went to the Cherry Ridge Airport to meet Lori and Tom. They had a fantastic flight in- and we had a lovely visit. Lori and I got some pow-wowing done to do with the upcoming demo's at the PA Horse Expo. From there Rob took me home, picked up Robbie and went to hit Sams Club and get some Christmas shopping done. I worked on finishing the driving article, doing some house cleaning, Christmas present wrapping, ( I also sewed two cute/funny camo Christmas stockings for Hunter and Robbie) and then dinner ( tilapia, carrots and homemade oatmeal/raisin/chocolate cookies! :) ) Now, it's time to relax, eat some dinner with the family, and not think about work until tomorrow morning!

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