Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Julie headed home to Ohio this morning for a weeks visit with her family. Haven't heard yet if her trip was uneventful, but I do know she made it safely there. It's very hard to believe that Christmas is only days away! I have managed to get all my presents wrapped, and I think I am actually ready for the Big Day! :) My boys are excited, and I've finally been able to relax a bit and enjoy the Christmas Spirit! It's been so nice down at the barn, everyone seems to be in the Holiday Spirit!
Got a nice, big load of shavings in on Tuesday, so we are all set for a few weeks on that. I always enjoy getting the sawdust bin filled, generates a similar feeling to getting the feed room filled up, or hay put into the barn. Of course, it doesn't take very long for the coffers to empty again.
Between Erin, Julie and myself, we are well caught up on all the training horses.We've even been able to get one or two of our own worked too. Got to enjoy a trail ride yesterday, saw a couple of buck while out, so we know that a few of them made it through hunting season.
Today Erin and I blasted thru chores, had all the stalls done well before noon, and a new round bale out for the herd. Dan cam to visit, he brought a ton of homemade goodies!! :) He hung out for a bit, and then rode Sebastian while I got JB worked. Then he was off, I schooled Jess with the cart while Erin worked Al. It was neat to have full siblings at work together in the arena. Alaina got to RO-NO at 3 and put a good ride on Jose, then on Calif. My lesson came to ride her Tenn Walker Jet who is here for training, and we had a very productive time. All in all a very good day. Now I am sitting on the couch with my lap top, supper is cooked and eaten, Hunter is sitting next to me playing with a piece of string and a plastic fork ( doesn't take much to entertain a 3 year old!) Robbie is reading a magazine, and Rob is finishing a piece of pecan pie. Life is good!

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