Monday, December 19, 2011

It was a good weekend. Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning my house, had a party here in the evening for all of the boarders and RO-NO Crew. Melissa came up from Philly, got a couple rides in on Val, Nic and Jenna got some riding time in this weekend, as did Pam. Spent a good portion of the day yesterday helping my hubby bring firewood up from the woods, then got to spend time in the house trying to get more Christmas stuff done. The boys worked on building and decorating a gingerbread house, and I got my Illinois dentistry notices made up and ready to go into todays mail.
This morning I'll get a few things done in the house and head out a bit late. Hunter will go to my MIL's, and then I'll head to Hamlin for a couple of round bales. Then back to the ranch to get to work.
The weanlings seem to be doing well. We brought Scratchy and Charlie up to Maribelles on Thursday, took Dually home. She and London will ( hopefully ) go out to pasture later this week. All five youngsters are up at Maribelle's now! It's baby land up there.

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