Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 comes to a close. What a year it has been too. I wish to all of you a very wonderful New Years weekend, and a joyful, prosperous and fulfilling 2012!

We've had a fun week, even with the ups and down of the weather. A highlight for me is that Jess has finally decided that maybe she will pull the cart after all. We've been working hard with her, and while she really has no fear of the cart ( or of pulling the tire and make-shift shafts ) she does seem to think that this type of work is beneath her and she only will tolerate so much of it. She pulled the tire well a couple of times early this week, and then Forrest and I had three days in a row with her pulling the cart very nicely, both in the indoor and outdoor arenas. She looks great and we are very pleased with her. I'll just ground drive her today to give her a break from harder work, and she will have Sunday off.

Jet is doing very well also, as is his owner- both are learning in leaps and bounds ( not literally thank goodness ) She and Barb will be here today from NJ to ride, and the days weather is going to be accommodating.

Robbie made it home on Wednesday evening from his 'wilderness trip'. He really enjoyed his time out at 'snowcamp' and came home with a new found appreciation for running water and indoor toilets!

We will have three stallions on exhibit at the PA Horse Expo!! I'm quite excited about this years demo's. Lori and I will be working towards having another fun demo made up, and we will have a nice representation of the breed there, Pleasure, Performance, Fino and Specialty! The people involved with helping out are wonderful too, so it looks like we are in for a fun expo weekend. ( Feb 23-26- Harrisburg)


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