Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time is just flying! Cannot believe that this week has gone by so quickly. I look back at the days past and am amazed at how much we accomplish every day ( and yet every day I feel as though nothing gets done!! ) Still have barely put a dent in to what I need to have done before Christmas gets here. Not just Christmas stuff either, I need to have one ( hopefully two ) articles put together for the Paso Fino Horse World Magazine ( they had asked me to write an article, with pictures, on breaking a Paso in to drive. Jess has been our photo study ) Notices have to be made up and sent out to all of my Illinois clients ( I still need to figure out my dates for that as well) Then there's just the regular everyday 'stuff' that keeps us so busy. But... I'm glad to be able to do it.
Jess was driven independently of a handler for a bit yesterday. Progress is slow but steady with her. She looks gorgeous under harness and I'm excited about her future driving career.
Bobby brought a load of hay yesterday, stacked in a trailer. We had him back it in to the indoor, up along side of the breeding dummy. I never gave that spot a second thought, until my hubby said to me this morning, 'You have a horse really hollering down at the barn'. I stepped outside to listen, and could tell from the sound that all was not well. Now, it did snow a fair amount last night, and I didn't want to take the time to change out of my jammies, so I rolled my cuffs, put on boots and headed down. Got to the indoor, saw that the gate had been broken open and Kat was standing by herself behind it. She obviously was the good girl of the herd, because all the rest of them were nowhere to be seen. Hay was pulled off the trailer and strewn about the indoor, and I did see hoof prints outside in the snow. Went to investigate, found the whole herd down by Rusty and Coloso. Thank the Good Lord that Coloso is such a good stallion. He hadn't tested the fence, just stood by while the herd teased him. I caught up Sneak by her mane and led her back through the indoor, knowing that the rest of the herd would follow, and put them all back out to pasture. So much for getting up at 4:30 to get a bunch of stuff done at the house!

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