Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a whirl-wind weekend! Friday we had tons of friends stop by, had a wonderful lunch with Deb, Pam, Robbie and Melissa. Then Amy stopped in to ride, and Rose. Just a fun, hectic day. Erin had Sat. and Christmas Day off, so Robbie was my main helper all weekend. Sunday morning he and I get the horses fed and watered, then we were off to the in-laws for a wonderful Christmas breakfast. Then we hopped next door for the rest of the day, lots of food, fun and family. ( and margaritas and brandy alexanders! ) I ran home to feed, then back to the family.
Yesterday we slammed through stalls, then hit to road to take Robbie to visit with Richard and Nina. We got to go up to the 'snowcamp' and it was a really neat visit. Had to take a 20+ minute ride on a 6-trak ( with chains on 4 of its tires) up a mountainside to get to the camp. Richard was 75 when he built this cabin, and it is a beautiful thing!

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