Friday, December 16, 2011

Maribelle and I had quite the adventure on Wednesday. We left early ( early for Maribelle- it was 8 a.m. :) ) and we hit the road headed for Tunkhannock. I had a new horse dentistry client to visit and all went smoothly there. From there we headed north west to go visit Richard G. He is the gentleman from Alaska who had bought a young Paso mare named Nina from me several years ago. ( that is a separate story that I'll have to write about soon ) He had given me directions, and we found his place with no trouble. Along the way Maribelle and I witnessed some of the horrible devastation that was caused by this past years flooding. Roads still out, bridges gone, houses destroyed. It was sobering.
We got to where Richards cabin is, with the small barn on the hillside above. Nina's fencing encompasses the cabin, and she ran down the hill to greet us. In the few years that Richard has owned her, they have traveled all over the north and south west, and into Alaska! He has sent me pictures of her in Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, North & South Dakota, Arizona, Alaska and more!! He has travelled solo with his horse and his dog. He is 81 years old!!!!! He has lived in his cabin since 1946, no running water, an outhouse about 30 foot from his home. There is a beautiful wood cook stove that both heats his house and his food. He is happy and content ( as is his horse ) and loves the life that he has. We had a wonderful visit and I'm looking forward to returning.
I'm writing an article about some of his journeys for our Paso breed magazine. I'll try to remember to get back on the blog with the story of how he came to my ranch to get Nina, and some pictures of his travels.

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