Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's been a great couple of days. Had a full day on Thursday, working horses and just general stuff around the farm. Hit the road late to drop Savanna off at Rose's, pick up Carbi and Achilles, then head south to York to pick up Sebastian. Didn't get back until nearly 2:30 in the morning! Up and attem early ( though not too early ) on Friday. Had people coming from West Virginia to check out RO-NO. The raise Rocky Mountain horses and were coming to visit to see if they wanted to use us as their training barn. Had a wonderful day with them. ( thanks Angie and Jim for helping out) Worked quite a few gaited horses so that they could see our training style and simply had a nice day. We did get Jess harnessed and hooked back up and did some driving with her, she was a bit stubborn but good.
Up early again Saturday to cook for my three Robert's before they headed out to the woods. A few hours later they were back, with two buck!! Glad I had a pot of chili ready for them, so they could have lunch when they were all finished. Got plenty of horses worked as well, and had a great lesson with Barb and Conni. Rose made it out too, she rode Pastor, watched me school JQ and she rode him to cool him out. Alaina had a couple of good rides on Calif and Jose, and Nic got to enjoy rides on her boys too. Rachel and Audrey were out for a visit too, it was great getting to spend time with them.
Today I will clean the house, work on Christmas stuff, and for a few hours this morning I'll have the neighbors twin three year olds over for a play date with Hunter!

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