Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful day yesterday. Erin and Julie had off, so Robbie came down to the barn with me to help with chores. Got down there to find that Jim had already hayed everyone, done a few stalls and was in the process of watering the horses in the old barn. He and Robbie had all the stalls and turnout done by 9:20!!! How nice! I had to leave early for a chiropractor appointment ( don't have to go very often, but really needed to yesterday) came back to the barn to find Nicole getting JB in. She had a ride on him, I schooled Jess with her driving ( wont be long and I'll have her hooked to the cart! ) Barb came for her lesson and a bunch of us ended up going out on the trail. Had a lovely ride, so nice to have this type of weather in late November.
Today will be gorgeous as well. Christina Fehlner is coming over this morning with one of her horses, and we have a training horse coming in mid-day today. Tenn. Walker gelding that needs work on his gait. Jim and Alaina ( and Shanna? ) will come out as well, hopefully we can get in another nice trail ride.
Our new tenants pretty much finished moving in yesterday. I didn't have time to bake cookies as a 'welcome' gift, but I did stop at DD's to get a 50 pack of Munchkins!

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