Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby! It's 5:45 and he left for work a good 10 minutes ago, but he is hoping to get away this afternoon to get some hunting time in. He saw a huge buck on Monday, but it was moving fast chasing a doe so he was not able to get a clear shot at it. The guys all saw a few deer, but none taken yet here.
The new Tenn. Walker ( Jet ) has been a gem. He needs a lot of work, learning to give and flex and settle when asked to work, but he is willing to try and I like that. He also wants to know what is going on! He's been ridden once or twice a week on trails and now he is hard at work every day in the ring.
Sebastian is coming back to RO-NO. He is a lovely Paso gelding, everyone here always liked him, and he is re-joining us as a boarder. He does have Cushings ( mildly I believe ) and will have to be managed with some meds, but the hope is that with a bit of exercise he may thrive and may possibly be able to cut back on medication. ( that's your invite gals to take him for a spin! ) I'm hoping to help his owner out, and possibly find someone to on-farm lease him.
I'll hit the road either tomorrow or Friday night to drop Savanna off at Rose's, pick up Achilles and Carbi, and then go get Sebastian. Achilles needs a bit of ground work, and we will go ahead and start fitting a saddle to him, do some lunging work and get him ready to be started under saddle. He has really grown, and this new work he will be getting will most likely boost a growth spurt. Carbi is still for sale, we've been going back and forth with a gal from TN about purchasing her, but are still waiting to see if she will be able to follow thru.
We had to pick up a horse last night ( RO-NO Removal Service ) This lovely old guy had EPM, and had some wasting of muscle in his hind end. He'd fallen a week or so ago and the owners knew that the time had come to euthanize him. Never any easy decision for people to make, but they knew it was the right thing to do for their gelding.

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