Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our new heifer is doing well. She is getting friendlier and has realized that she enjoys being scratched/rubbed. Charlie ( London's colt ) has also been doing well. London throws beautiful but stand-off-ish babies, so we have our work cut out for us with him. I can get a halter on him without help, but it takes a minute. Jim went into the stall last night to handle him some. It took Charlie a few minutes, but he settled down and enjoyed ( well, maybe tolerated is a better word) the attention. Scratchy of course loves attention and doesn't understand why we would pet anyone but him.
The last section of the arena wall got fixed on Saturday, thanks to Jim. I need to set aside some time to really water then harrow before winter comes. So far we've been pretty fortunate to maintain good footing all winter ( for the most part ). Out next project is sprucing up the wall by Cardillo's stall. The wall is sound, but needs a little TLC.
Another project that I am working on is getting a 'lab' set up in the basement. I've got all the equipment for semen collection and shipping, but I need a good lab area. I'm working on clearing an area in the basement to have a utility sink and some counter space, and room for all the accouterments. Easier access to the microscope means we can do fecals more often ( though so far we have been pleased with the results that we have here) and having a comfortable lab area will be handy when breeding season gets here. We have breedings booked and I want things to run smoothly when we get the calls that we need to ship.
Today I head south to do teeth, and I hope to be back by late afternoon. Jess is officially in training for driving, and I'm looking forward to really getting her going.

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