Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our two steers have ( unfortunately ) been going walk-a-bout too often lately. They don't wander far, but I really wish they wouldn't wander at all! On Wednesday- as I was going up the road with tractor and round bale, I saw the steers out in my yard, then saw that there was a truck coming the other way, then saw MaryAnn in my driveway on Torey! Pretty much the only ones free to do as they pleased were the steers! All went well- I pulled over, the truck went on by, Erin hopped off from where she was riding the tractor to let MaryAnn know that Torey wouldn't freak from the steers ( which was good as Lars seemed to want to lumber over to say hi) and we all went on our merry way. Once the bale was put out to the herd, Erin hiked back up the road to chase the steers my way- and back thru the gate they went. Situations like this are pretty much a daily occurrence...
Got a new heifer a couple nights ago. Half sister to Terry ( so now we have Terry and Barb, short for Terriyaki and Barbecue ) Rob and I managed to get her into a stanchion in the old barn, where she will stay until she is a bit friendlier, then she will join Terry out in the pasture. Lars will soon be, well.... meeting his destiny.
Things are looking to be a bit busier here. We've had a few new folks in for lessons, someone is coming here today from NJ for a gaited horse lesson, may have someone stopping out to see if they want to board here ( and truth be told- them visiting is my chance to see if I want them to board here) I've a ton of dentistry trips scheduled too.
We got another paddock cleaned out yesterday ( I saw we- pretty much it was all Jim ) and today we may be able to start fixing up the last section of the arena wall that I want repaired before winter hits. Feels very good to get all these projects completed.

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