Monday, November 21, 2011

We had a productive weekend, full of good weather, nice visitors and plenty to do. On Saturday Jim helped me get another paddock cleaned out. Nicole and Alaina got to trail ride a little, the Jim and Alaina headed out. I had a few folks come from NJ to ride Paso's and we hit the trail as well. Got Pastor out after we returned for them to experience Fino. Sunday was busy too, more paddocks got cleaned, ( some excitement was added when Kokomo the mule got loose while Maribelle was riding, but he never came near her..phew....) Maribelle, Pam, Katie ( and maybe one or two more ) went trail riding. Earlyish in the day Julie texted me to say that Al had cut his nose, would I please come and see if I thought he needed a vet. It was bad enough to need a few stitches, so off to call the vet I went. Dr. Hank came out, and as I watched him draw some tranq to sedate Al for the stitching, I asked if he would mind gelding him while he was at it. Dr. Hank is great, he didn't have any problem with that, said 'might as well not have to tranq him twice', and a short time later Al's nose was stitched up and he was no longer a colt. ( he's doing just fine today, doesn't even have any swelling yet).
Today was eventful as well. I headed out early to do teeth. Pretty neat place. They raise Longhorn Cattle, a couple batches of pigs, ( I'm thinking of buying one or two of this latest batch, they are about 8 weeks old right now), and they have about 9 horses, most of which were rescues. Very cool people that run the place, I enjoyed getting to talk with them while I worked on their horses teeth. From there I went and got feed, went home to un-load it. Forrest and Maryann were both riding, and Julie was getting ready to school Sneak. Erin and I put out some round bales, then I went to harness up Jess for some driving training. Unfortunately as I was nearing the end of my training session with her, I took a bad step and went down hard, twisting my ankle pretty badly. Drat! :( Not much to be done, I tried walking it off for a bit, then went to wrap it up. As I was sitting and getting the wrap on, a gal came down to the barn asking if we had seen a loose black pony. Guess a few miles up the road a small black pony had gotten loose and run off, not a good thing on any day, worse when it is bear season! Erin and I both kept our eyes open for it as we went to town. ( she was off to the bank, I was off to go on another dentistry call) I hobbled through doing a couple of older TB's teeth, and then sent a text off to the owner of the pony to see if they needed us to saddle up a few horses to go searching. Shortly before I got home we received word that the pony was safely back home. Just another day at RO-NO...we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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