Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm really hoping that today will be just like yesterday. We had such a nice, productive and enjoyable day it would be great to have a repeat. So far it's not looking too good though- Rob came back in the house when he was leaving at 5 this morning, said he just saw one of my mules running down the road in front of one of the neighbors trucks. I went down, it was Edgar, caught him and put him in a stall. Went back to the house to work on my Spanish ( taking a Rosetta Stone course on the computer ) and got a call that another neighbor just saw a mule in the road in front of the house, guess Jack is loose too. They have been jumping out every day- but they mostly stay down in the hay field or in the barnyard. Sigh...
Plenty going on today. Kendra is stopping by this morning to pick up kitties Piper and Lance to take them to a spay/neuter clinic going on in town today. A new potential client named Wendy will be stopping by. She is interested in Mounted Archery, and we are happy to accommodate ( Forrest has a strong interest in this as well, so I think we have a new goal to accomplish this winter ) Our new neighbors will also be coming by today, a lovely family that will be renting Grams house from us. ( she has 3 year old twins!! Hunter will love it) Forrest is coming for a driving lesson, and there will be a few other things going on as well. I'm thankful for the nice weather.
Kendra, the gal picking up the cats for me today, is possibly interested in getting Mojito. She rode him for about 2 hours yesterday and they really got along wonderfully. He is ready to have someone take over with his training and she would be a fantastic 'Mom' for him.
Tomorrow will most likely be more of the same- nice weather and a productive day.

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