Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving. My wonderful girls gave me the morning off, Erin and Julie fed, did chores/stalls, made up evening grain and had everything all set for me for this evenings chores. The horses are all happy and well fed, and the day went smoothly. ( pretty much we are all happy and well fed too! Had a wonderful day at Rob's sister Alisons house with the family)
Rob and I finished cleaning up at the tenants house this morning, they will finish moving in tomorrow. It will be nice having neighbors again, and nice for Hunter to have a few kids around that are his own age. ( The folks moving in have 3 year old twins!!!)
Tomorrow I am going to have the whole barn to myself for the day, Julie is off, and I told Erin to take the day off too. Robbie will help in the morning, and Jim may be by to pitch in as well. Folks will be by around noon time for gaited horse lessons, and on Saturday a new gaited horse is coming in for training.
Well, have to get off the computer, my little boy wants to get in my lap for a snuggle, so duty calls!

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