Friday, November 18, 2011

Today Karen and a friend of hers are stopping by to see Calif and Cardillo as potential studs for an App. mare. The 'Tiger Horse' ( a cross between the Paso Fino and Appaloosas ) is a breed growing in popularity, and this gal has a lovely app mare that she would like to breed. We have one App X Paso here, Erin's horse DJ, and he is wonderful.
Tomorrow Barb from NJ is coming back for another gaited horse lesson, and she too is bringing a friend. This gal has two Tenn. Walkers that she may want to have some training done on.
We may be getting in some Rocky Mountain horses soon for training as well, they are a breed I enjoy working with.
John put some 'snow shoes' on a couple of the horses yesterday. No snow yet, but it is coming and I'd hate to have these that he just shod have to go without. Over the next couple of times out here, John will get everyone who is shod transitioned over to pads and studs.

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