Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frost again this morning. Springs reminder to not plan on planting anything until after Memorial day. After the weeks of very warm weather earlier this spring, I was very tempted to fill our planters with new spring flowers, and I'm glad I resisted. It was 29 degrees yesterday morning, and at 5 this morning it was 27 degrees. It's due to warm up nicely today, so I have no complaints.

Time sure goes by quickly. We've only today and tomorrow to get ready for this Saturdays Gaited Horse Clinic. I've two Pasos coming down from NY state, the Tenn. Walker owned by Peggy of Bubbas Tack, and a bunch of in house riders participating in the clinic. We may have one or two more 'out of towners' bringing horses as well. It will be a fun and productive day.

Had a group session last night for the Mounted Shooting, and it went well. Am planning on a more extensive practice on Sunday. We are hoping to have a nice group of horses going to a shooting competition late in May up in Conn.

Here are a few pics of the new trailer. It tows beautifully and I am super pleased with it. It still seems a bit foreign to see it sitting in my barnyard.

We leave a week tomorrow for the Paso Show at Dillsburg. We've a lovely group of horses going and everyone is really looking forward to the show.

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