Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's 4:15 and I have just enough time to throw a few sentences on here before I have to hit the road. I'll pick up my sis-in-law by 5, and we will head for Maryland to do teeth at Lisa Gorsuch's place ( lots of lovely Paso Finos ). From there we will continue south to Georgia, where my new trailer awaits me! It is a 2009 6 horse slant load Featherlite and everyone here at RO-NO is excited to see it arrive back at the ranch. Once we've got everything settled in Georgia we will trailer to Florida to Greener Pastures to pick up a lovely Capitan Paso mare who will be coming to RO-NO to be bred to Rosannes Jarenero Stallion Je Ne Sais Quoi Sin Par. Once we're out of Florida it is north to West Virginia. We've two Rocky Mountain horses to pick up for training, and then a Paso Fino mare to pick up at another location. She's headed to RO-NO for training as well.
I'd best close down the computer and finish packing. I'll post pics soon of the new trailer!

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