Sunday, April 15, 2012

The weekend just flew by! I had a wonderful time with my family yesterday. We went to the massive garage sale at West Point. Today was cooking and cleaning, and then Erin's Baby Shower here at the house at 2. We had a lovely time, Erin and her baby got some wonderful gifts to help welcome the youngster here. She is due one month from today. After the baby shower, a bunch of us met at the barn to tack up and head out back with the guns. We had a very constructive mounted shooting practice and had a great time too. Julie even hopped up on Cardillo to take him for a spin, with gun in tow and she and he did a fine job of it. Jim shot off of Jose for the second time, Michelle had Dodge tacked up and made a few runs while 'mock' shooting, and Erin rode too! She hopped up on Calif, in her sundress!!, and rode around for a bit after we were all done with the shooting practice. All in all a very nice weekend.

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