Friday, April 20, 2012

Good morning friends. I am sitting at the computer in Henrietta Ratliffs kitchen in Florida, watching hummingbirds feed while waiting for my sister-in law Alison to finish getting ready to head outside. Alison and I left North Carolina yesterday morning to head for Atlanta. We got there a bit early ( my appt was at 2 ) se we had lunch while the truck had its tires rotated and balanced. Then we went on our way and pulled into the Ford dealership that was storing the Featherlite trailer that I'd driven down to purchase. It is gorgeous! It is huge! It tows beautifully! I LOVE IT!! I've been so excited about this new acquisition for the Ranch, it's been much needed. I did a lot of on-line searching to find just the right trailer, and the only thing this one is missing is a roof hay rack, which hopefully I will soon be able to have one put on. I'll try to get pics up soon, for some reason the ones that I sent to facebook from my phone are not wanting to go thru.

Today we will spend the day at Greener Pastures, though I do have some teeth to do as well. Then in the morning we will be hooked up and headed north with a new broodmare for a client, and will get to West Virginia to pick up some training horses.

Have a great weekend!

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