Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great clinic yesterday. We had six horse/rider teams and the horses worked great. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it such a fantastic day. We got a lot of extra riding in afterwards, Allie made it out here from NJ ( she was hoping to make the clinic but couldn't quite get here in time- so we ad-libbed and kept going ) Lisa Lee rode a horse or two for me, and Makayla, Kenny and Hannah kept on riding well into the evening. ( then the all went either fishing or to the movies- oh to be young again!! )
Our new training horses are all progressing well, I cannot wait to get into the saddle with them, they are all very nice quality animals and they are going to be fun to ride. Today is my day to get the house cleaned and get paperwork done. The sun is shining and I am enviously looking out the window at the crew down in the arena working with the horses. I'll have my turn out there later though. This afternoon I need to work with our coming yearlings, and then late in the day we will have our mounted shooting practice.
Just a few more days to be ready for the Dillsburg Show. All the horses got worked yesterday and they are doing very well. Robbie will be showing in Performance for the first time, he looks great in his tux!

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