Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another long day at the ranch. My morning started out poorly- when I went to boot up my laptop, I discovered that a spoon had been laid on the keyboard, and the lid slammed down on it. Bye-bye screen. The warrantee just ran out ( of course ) and to just replace the screen would cost anywhere between $300-$600 plus 5-8 weeks of waiting. Sigh....So at 6:30 after chores were done I ran off to town to shop for a new one. Ended up spending more that I wanted to ( of course- I didn't want to spend anything-) got a new Compaq and have left the old and the new ones at Staples to have the data transfered. I hate-hate-hate having to learn to use a new system- I'm simply not adept at technical stuff. Now give me a new horse to figure out, that I can deal with!

Scratchy is still doing well, as are the other babies.We have Bristol ( lovely Morgan filly ) back for a months tune up, and Mayo is here as well. Just a few more days and we will be off to Lexington. Only 12 head going this time. Today Erin cantered Starfire for the first time and the mare did very well. She's coming right along and I think she is going to be a very nice trail mare. ( she did try to kick me today while she was in the cross-ties- rotten filly! :) ) Rachels lessons went well today, as did mine. I was also able to run to pick up a load of top soil for my garden. ( I'm hoping that my very good- tractor owning friend will put a bunch of it in the garden tomorrow- hint-hint :) )

RO-NO Removal Service had to pick up two horses last night. The first was a very well cared for TB cross that had to be euthanized. He was no longer comfortable in his own skin and his very wise owner knew it was time to let him go. The second was a 23 year old mare who fell asleep and that was that. Her poor owners were so distraught, they had owned her nearly her entire life. We do meet some very interesting people doing this. Sad to say, but this was the longest time I got to spend with my hubby in over a week. It's pretty bad when 'date night' is going out on RNRS calls!

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