Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long hot day yesterday.Felt like I was chasing my own tail for half of the day. On a good note, we had plenty of help, lots of horses got worked, and I got in a lovely load of shavings for here and at Maribelles. Today will be a lot of the same, work horses,, give lessons, move some hay...

Tonight I will be driving my brother Dave back up to Syracuse to catch the train to Chicago. He has been visiting here for a few weeks. We've had a great time catching up with each other, and Robbie has really enjoyed getting to go fishing with his Uncle Dave. I'll have the trailer in tow, as once I've dropped Dave off at the station I'll be headed east to pick up a new training Paso.

Schooled two horses with the mounted shooting yesterday. Michelle has expressed some interest in participating in this sport, so yesterday her horse Dodge got his first lesson in dealing with shooting. He was a super-star, and next time that we work with him she will most likely ride him in the round pen while I shoot while standing in the center of the ring. Cardillo did well also, started out a bit rough, but was working well for me by the time we were done.

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