Friday, June 17, 2011

Boy does time fly! Between the show, coming home and trying to catch up on things, and trying to get my laptop back into working order I simply have not made the time to get on my blog.

We had a great show. It was hot, there were some ups and downs, but all in all everyone had a great time and the horses did very well. Amazingly enough the horses survived the heat well and all performed beautifully, as did their riders. Good job everyone!!

We hit a snag on the way home from the show. After a hectic day of showing, we all worked hard to load up and head for home. We left for the 7 hour drive at about 2:30, and got home at midnight!! One broke down diesel slowed us down, but we finally made it safely home. Now we have a month to gear up for the next show, it will be here before we know it!

Scratchy continues to thrive. He is eating well, and seems to be keeping up growth wise with the other foals. Sonata had a lovely bay colt on Tuesday morning. I had headed to the barn at 1:00 a.m. to check on her, and when I went back at 6 she had him up and standing and nursing. He is super gaited, and already shows signs of graying out. We've just one baby to go, Desi is due in about 3 or so more weeks.

This week flew by. Monday passed in a haze, just wiped out from the heat and the show. Tuesday I had to take a very cranky three year old boy to the Dr.'s ( ear infection) Wednesday I got lots of critters worked, Thursday was Robbie's 14th B-Day, and today was working horses pretty much all day long- didn't get in until late. Tomorrow we do it again! :)

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