Sunday, June 19, 2011

Four weeks from now we will be on our way home from the ( hopefully very successful ) Cobleskill show. Everyone is already raring to go, the horses are doing well and we're all working hard.

It was a good weekend. All the horses got worked, we had lots of help and lots of fun. Sonata and her foal are also doing very well, and Desi is thinking about bagging up. We have a full crop of foals this year, and so far each one is as nice as the last. One downside is that little Charlie, Londons foal, got hurt. He somehow managed to slice open the front of his fetlock, so now he is on antibiotics, which means he also has to be on Pepto and anti-ulcer meds. We did find out last week that he likes to drink Scratchy's formula, so giving him the pink stuff and the ulcer meds is now easy, we just mix them into a quart of formula and he drinks it right up! Scratchy continues to do well, he is growing like a weed and is very hearty and healthy. With Charlie on stall rest for awhile, looks like we may have to halter break Scratchy so we can get him out for some exercise. It will be interesting to see if London throws a fit or not when we take him out for exercise. They are still stalled separately, but are basically together all the time- so this may be an interesting exercise.

Cardillo is doing well, we were able to work him twice this week on the mounted shooting. I hope to school him at least twice more this week, and if all goes well we will be at another competition on Saturday. Jim has continued to work Jose with this as well, and even shot off of him a few times earlier this week. Cardillo is going to have a busy time at PFHA Nationals. He will be shown in Versatility and Trail, and he will compete in Mounted Shooting, a Trail Trial and will try out for the Soccer Tournament!

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