Monday, June 6, 2011

Drove to Syracuse yesterday morning, accompanied by Hunter, to pick up my brother Dave who came in by train from the Chicago area. He'll be here for a few weeks and I'm looking forward to getting to spend some time with him. Got a call on the way north that my lap top was ready to pick up, they had gotten the data transfer done. So now we have to go thru setting this new pc up to run ( hopefully ) like the old one. I think I will save my pennies and send the old one off to Compac to have them install a new screen, seeing as Robbie will be in High School next year and he will probably need a laptop.

Got my garden put in yesterday evening! I'm so pleased. Jim took the time to bring his tractor back over from Lake Ariel to move the top soil for me, and Angie was here with tomato, pepper, squash, pumpkin and cucumber plants. It looks great. Now I just have to keep critters out of it.

Today will be hectic, have to drop off sawdust trailer on the way to do teeth up in Montrose, have horses to work, have feed to pick up, hopefully today the next order of foal formula will arrive. Nicole got the trailers cleaned out and organized yesterday- and made up a list for me of what I need to get before we leave for the show. Only 3 more days and we hit the road!

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