Friday, June 24, 2011

Thought for a bit yesterday that I'd have to bring all the critters up the hill to the house! The rain was coming down so hard that water was flowing through the barnyard as quick and heavy as if it were part of a river. It flowed away pretty much just as quickly thank goodness.

John, our farrier, was here for most of the day. We had quite the list for him, and fortunately everyone behaved.

Nick is our newest training horse. He is an absolutely adorable Paso Fino gelding that is here to be trained, broken in to ride. I'm itching to get on him, he just has something about him that's telling me he is going to be a really good ride. Had quite the time getting him here. I had to run my brother to the Syracuse train station, so took the trailer along as Nick was about an hour east of there. It would have been an easy three hour drive, getting Nick and then heading home. Ended up not getting home until nearly three in the morning! Fog was so heavy the whole way there and home that it took forever. I was a tired pup, especially as I had to be on the road by 5:45 to pick up a load of hay.

Today we have lessons to give, horses to work and mud to deal with. I've a back section of the arena wall dug up, we've a few spots that need to be repaired and hopefully we can get that section done tonight.

We are hosting an Extreme Cowboy Race on Saturday evening here, along with a pot-luck cookout. Everyone is welcome- just bring a covered dish to share, and bring chairs.

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