Monday, June 27, 2011

With any luck ( and a little sunshine ) we will put in a small amount of hay today. Rob had cut some on Saturday, he'd planned on dropping a whole field but had some equipment problems. Hopefully that will all be fixed later and he'll drop a bunch more today/tomorrow. With all the rain we have had it's been tough for us to get the hay baled and in the barn. This week is looking good though, so fingers crossed!

My yearly summer trip to Illinois is scheduled for July 20th through the 28th. I'll be making stops along the way in south-western PA and in Ohio. I can be available to transport horses on this trip as well.

Before heading west we will be headed north. The Schoharie Valley Paso Serenade in Cobleskill NY is being held on July 16th and 17th. We've a whole load of horses headed there, and we've been busy getting them ready. Only 90 days until Nationals!!

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