Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was going to let the pictures speak today but blogspot isn't letting me load them.- I'll try to post pics later. Julie put up over 100 pics of our Extreme Cowboy Race up onto facebook- there are some really good ones.

Picked up a new training horse yesterday, lovely QH gelding that needs work on loading, and picking up his leads. Nick, the newest training Paso, is coming on nicely- had a saddle on him yesterday and did a lot of ground work again with him, hope to be riding him by this time next week. Tappy is coming on strong, as are all of the show Paso's.

Rob hopes to have the hay bine up and running later today- we need to get more hay in!

Well, Hunter is up, I need to get moving and get some house stuff done. Have to send mailings to my Illinois clients with dentistry trip dates, and have to dig some holes in the yard for some of the plants that Angie brought me yesterday. One is a beautiful ornamental tree that I love!

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