Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gorgeous morning! It's 58 degrees here. So much nicer than the humid 70+ we had yesterday morning. All the horses will be feeling much better as well.
Calif has sired another gorgeous pinto- a filly this time. Sandy B's mare Ginger foaled last night- can't wait to go see this new arrival.
John will be here today and we have a rather daunting list for him. So glad that it is cooler out. Later today we will get momma and babies out- let them frolic in the sunshine. We've someone coming back out to try Toby again- they really liked him when they rode yesterday- so he may have a new mom soon. He sure is a sweetie.
Yesterday was quite the whirlwind day. I headed out on the early side to go south to Tannersville to do teeth, then headed home to hook up to the big trailer- took it along to do a few more horses teeth on my way to pick up Jackie's mare Bristol for a spring tune-up. Then home with her- and lessons to give, plus Toby to show. Certainly made the day fly by.

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