Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy weekend!! Kerry and I both had competitions to prepare for on Friday- along with all the regular work. Kerry had a good show- first time out on her Zip and she placed well- I'll have to get some photos to post.
Cardillo, Touche, Robbie, Nicole and I hit the road early on Sat. morning for our Mounted Shooting Competition in Conn. All went well ( other than a bit of construction in Conn. ) Cardillo
took everything in stride and improved as the day went on. People at the match were very friendly and helpful- and they all thought he did quite well for his first time at a competition. We certainly didn't win any prizes- but I was very pleased with his performance.
Scratchy continues to do well, though he does have the scours again. Yesterday Erin and I got him, London and Charlie out onto the grass in a good paddock and let them run for awhile. Boy did the babies have fun!! It was great seeing them out there stretching their legs.

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