Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still no babies. Last checked on them at 3 this morning, and now that Robbie is up to keep an eye on Hunter I am going to run up to check on them again. It's amazing how excited I am to see foals by my favorite horse. ( I call him my favorite- rode him yesterday- realized that I've probably only ridden him twice since the World Equestrian games- poor horse)
Long but good day yesterday- we got a lot of critters ridden. Today should be more of the same- Bee's owners will be here again, and today they will be loading the mare up and heading off on the long drive home to Illinois. We've really enjoyed having the mare here- she's been fun to work with. Looks like we will actually see some sunshine today- not sure if we will know how to deal with it.
Here's a pic of Kerry and Zip. So far he has been working out well for her- and she's gearing up to be able to show him later in the month.

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