Friday, May 6, 2011

Maribelle checked on the mares at 11, I checked on them at 1. Dually was laying down, breathing hard, and lifting her head to look at and lick her side. Then she stood up and just stood there staring at me. Then London laid down- so I went back to bed- thinking that when I came back to the barn at 4-5 that there would be a foal or two. Nope- nothin! I could see this morning that Dually had been up and down a lot, and she has been licking her side- so I may end up leaving the mares in the indoor today.
We so enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday, and so far this morning things are looking nice too. Today I'll run to town in the morning, run some errands, check on Cardillos saddle ( I'm so excited about it- the last time I was at Ralphs he had really gotten so much done on it- can't wait to see the latest progress. ) Kerry and Erin got a huge load of hay in yesterday- and Bobby brought a full hay wagon to Maribelles, so she is set for a good bit again too. Angie and rode up, Angie on Maribelles Tatiana and I on Sneak. ( I'd hiked out across the swamp to catch Sneak- the herd was all the way out back. Sneak came running when I called, she's always good about that, but when she and the rest of the herd got close, they did their typical swerve up the hill to avoid the swamp, so I had to hike after them up the hill. Grabbed Sneak, undid the fence up by the road, and rode her bareback in a halter up to Maribelles as I'd heard Bobby honk his horn as he came through with the load of hay. Saw Angie headed into the woods and followed, which was good as she got lost and needed a hand finding her way.)
Julie and Jubi got a good workout yesterday- not sure which one of them worked harder. JQ went for his first solo trail ride and he was very good. Cardillo worked well also- I'm trying to get him very tired for our Derby Day Demo tomorrow. Angie had ridden her Azi over on Wednesday- nso she and I took him and Jose for a trail ride at noontime- it's been so nice having Angie ere working/riding- kind of like the old days!

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