Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dually foaled out at 11 last night. She has a beautiful pinto- very high whites in the back, 1 high white in the front, one full sock, white on rump, white on shoulder, small spot on other shoulder. Yeah!!!! Maribelle walked into the barn just after Dually had foaled, its legs were still in the amniotic sac. Maribelle called me and I went right over. We left them once mama stood up- looked like it would be a bit before the foal would nurse and mama was quite content to stand licking at the baby so I knew all would be well for a bit. Lisa J had come by earlier in the evening, she had to take a horse to a hospital and had a problem with her trucks brake line so she came to get my truck. She said she'd check in on them when she came back- and texted to let me known that the cute little critter was happily nursing away. I went to check on them at 4 this morning- no foal for Misty yet- but Duallys little one was eating away and mama looked quite happy to have a baby of her own. ( she has been mooning over Londons foal )Sp just one more to go for now- the next two mares aren't due for over a month.

Off to do teeth this morning- then back to the barn to ride. Worked with Cardillo last night with the mounted shooting- riding him in my new saddle!! I'd stopped by Ralph's yesterday before picking up feed- and my saddle was all done- I cannot express how excited I was to see it all put together- he did some amazing work. Rode in it for about an hour and a half and it was great- fits Cardillo beautifully. I'll get pics of both the saddle and the foal to post soon.

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