Monday, May 16, 2011

Excellent weekend- and even though it's going to rain most of the week- I think it is going to be a fantastic week. Definitely missed having both Erin and Julie gone- but we managed to get everything done.
Classie went home on Saturday- Bonnie went home as well. ( We got two good breedings in on Bonnie- Lori will have her ultra-sounded in a few weeks- fingers crossed. We have two mares here due to foal with Pastor babies- first one is due in early June.) Starfire and Toy- the new mares in for training- are both doing well. Bristol will be back soon for a 'spring tune-up' and Mayo comes back soon as well- have to get ready for Lexington.
Rob, Jim and I worked on getting the 'breeding dummy' put into the arena on Saturday. Both posts are set in cement- dug the holes down about 3 foot. Hopefully we can work a bit more on it during the week.
Sunday morning went by quickly. Kerry, Robbie and Jim were all down at the barn helping to get chores done. Nicole and her Dad came in late morning. We all worked together to tear down the paddock on the hillside- and got it moved out back to some better grass. I took off then to get ready for Rachel's baby shower ( which was a huge success ) and by the time I came home Robbie and Jim had all the chores done! What a treat!
Mares and babies are all doing well- we are going to bring Maribelles guys in a bit early today to let mares and foals outside. Misty and Scratchy will stay in the indoor- but at least the others can get out and about.

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