Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's some pics of the other two babies- Itchy and Scratchy. All three are doing very well. Let London and Dually outside yesterday afternoon- brought Maribelles crew in early. The mama's and foals have spent the night out ( and of course it had to pour last night- but we had left the breezeway open so that they had plenty of shelter) I'll head up early this morning to put them back into the indoor with Misty and her foal. I'm hoping to be able to move them hope and put them to pasture in a few weeks ( before the next batch of foals arrive!)


  1. Don't feel bad Nola, I brought in sheep last night and "missed" on. Yep, for some reason I missed her last night coming in amongst the 70 or so sheep. Went to let them out on the pasture this AM and DID notice she was not in the flock. Found her tucked in amongst the multi floral rose along one of the rock walls with a cute little ewe lamb! Guess I got VERY lucky no one found them last night since they were in an area without any safe fencing from predation. Whew!