Saturday, May 7, 2011

London had a lovely dun colt at about 12:30 this morning. Dually is totally smitten by the baby- I ended up having to separate them as I was afraid that London would get no rest trying to keep Dually away from her new baby. I can already tell that this foal has his father hair gene- his tail is huge and long for a new foal. He is a solid, but a beautiful dun color- just a bit lighter than his mom. No more babies as of 5:40 this morning- but both Dually and Misty are totally ready to go, so looks like they will be keeping me up for another night or two. Carbi is making Rose crazy- she is well overdue and seems to be keeping her legs crossed.
Had an interesting day yesterday- took JQ for a nice trail ride with Jim and Jose. JQ was great- this was just his second time out and he acted like an old hand. We had stopped to clear a lot of windfall branches from the upper side of Maribelles hay filed, he was good with that- then later he stood quiet while I reached down to the ground ( while still mounted on him) to grab up another big branch to remove it from the hay field. He also stood quietly when I rode up to the mailbox to get the mail out to check it. Very pleased with him. Jose was very good too- this was just his second time out this spring. Jim then took him back into the arena and worked on Jose's newest trick- stepping up to the mounting block and standing on it with rider aboard.
Jen was here- I rode Grace first and then Jen rode- the mare was very settled- very well paced. Pam was here too, as was Forest- everyone had a good ride. Deb came for the day to help get us all set for going to the Derby Day celebration today- we will have Pastor, Sneak and Cardillo along.
Now for the interesting part. I had gotten a call late morning from a woman who wanted to come see Jubilee. She really talked a good talk- seemed very interested in the mare- we had a long conversation on the phone going over what the woman was looking for- going over the mares pros and cons ( I always try to give people a good picture of the horse they are coming to see- and I want to get a good idea of what they are looking for so that no one wastes their time.) The woman showed up pretty much on time- and she didn't mind that I was mid-way through bathing Cardillo. Erin took that job over and I went to tack up Jubilee. I did tell the woman several times that Jubi was in roaring heat- she said that was fine- she was used to mares. Jubi proceeded to ride absolutely beautifully. We went w/t/c both directions, executed several very nice turns on the haunch, trotted over a series of ground poles and so on. The woman said she liked the mare, but didn't want to ride her yet- wanted to 'run her hands over her'. I reminded her again that Jubi was in heat- and we had already discussed that Jubi could be cranky about it. The woman ( who was dressed in britches and boots and said she was an accomplished horsewoman) walked up to Jubilee- and pressed her hard in the upper loin behind the saddle- right where a mare is sensitive when in season. Jubi very calmly cow-kicked the woman. Hit her in the belly- not very hard. I felt bad reprimanding the mare 'cause I certainly didn't blame her- it was a stupid thing for the woman to do. After I asked the woman if she was ok, the woman said-" yes' I'm fine. This mare is lame! I'm not interested in her"- and she left. I tried to talk with her- but she started yelling at me telling me that I didn't know what I was doing- riding a lame horse and so on- called me a nut job- got in her car and left the farm. And she seemed so normal on the phone..... Well- at least Jubi got in a good work- she gave me a lovely ride and I was very pleased with her.

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