Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturdays Paso Fino demo at the Waverly Country Club went very well. It started out a bit rocky, problems with parking and pouring rain, but God stopped the rain and Deb got Eric Trump to fix the parking issue!! ( stopping the rain was a much more impressive feat! ) Cardillo and Pastor were feeling their oats a bit- but still put on a good show. The stars of the day however were Pam and Sneak!! Pam was decked out in hat and skirt and Sneak didn't mind that at all- they went gaiting off over the grass, skirt flowing gently over Sneaks rump and they looked fabulous.
Lori trailered Tappy and Bonnie back over on Saturday- Tappy for training and Bonnie for a little 'meet and greet' with Pastor. Hard to believe that we are already getting ready for out next show. Looks like we'll have a full load at the show.
Also busy getting Cardillo ready for his next event, a mounted shooting competition on May 28th. It's going to take a lot of work to have him ready ( spent a good hour with him last night ) but we'll give it our best.
No more foals yet- the mares were checked at 8:45, 11, 1 and 4:30. I'm looking forward to some solid nights sleep!

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