Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a quick post his morning. All continues to be well on the baby front. Carbi and her little black colt ( Royal Flush Lightning Bolt aka Lightning ) continue to thrive. They will get to venture outside this morning. Wish I could be there to see the little guy run.
Scratchy continues to do very well also. Still eating like a champ. Erin and I hope to get him out of his stall for a bit today- not quite sure how we are going to manage it- but we will figure something out. Want to let London and Charlie out to run also-we'll see how it goes.
I've been letting Scratchy stay in London/Charlies stall a bit longer every feeding. Trying to get him playing with Charlie, and getting the mare more used to having him bouncing around her. Still hoping that I can get her to accept him as her own.
Cardillo did well with our shooting practice last night. Robbie rode Touche too, and did some dry firing from his back. Touche does well with the gunfire, but we have yet to shoot from his back- maybe later today. I'm planing on bringing both of them to the shoot in Conn. on Saturday.
Touch will return from New Bolton tomorrow. Rhonda took him there to have a growth on his eye treated. It did turn out to be cancerous- but they say that it is very treatable and the prognosis is good.

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